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Guide to Making Cigar Band Soap Labels

I have received several emails asking me how to go about making the soap labels I have. I use Microsoft Publisher to make my labels and have created my own clip arts and wallpaper to use on them. Here I will show you how to set up your own labels, 4 to a sheet, to help you get started.

You may have to modify the width of the cigar bands to fit your soaps, so go ahead and play around with this template to make it fit your soaps.

First download this file It should look like this template view
Now go ahead and change the clip arts to what you want. The doves are one clip art and the leaves are another, though repeated 3 times to make a long strip. To change the clipboard to another that Microsoft has, click on the doves to get a border around it, then right click the clip art and select Change Picture -> Picture -> Clip Art and find something you like. Just click the clip art you want and choose Insert. For this example I am going to add lemons for a citrus soap. It should now have lemons where the doves were.

lemons where the doves were
Now those leaves for the background could be changed to something different. I am going to click on the bottom portion of the leaves, it will highlight a square of leaves. It is actually selecting the clip art I used to copy and paste to make the strip of leaves. Now that it is highlighted with a border around it I will right click it and select Change Picture -> Picture -> Clip Art and this time go into Wallpaper. If you don't get the different categories displayed, hold down the ALT and the Home keys, or just click on the top left of the Clip Art screen to the icon just to the right of the right pointing arrow. Now I am going to find something to replace the leaves and be a little more citrus-y. I like the Clip Art I chose but not the colors, here's how it looks now.

new wallpaper
I am going to recolor the Wallpaper Clip Art I just inserted by right clicking it and go to Change Picture -> Recolor Picture and choose something. I want it lighter and perhaps a bright green. The soap I want to use it on is a bright yellow soap colored with carrot juice so I want a bright band to go with it. I chose a lime green. I also am going to resize the wallpaper widthwise by dragging the black squares on the sides of the border until its about the same size as the leaf clip art. Then I am going to copy the new wallpaper and past it where all the leaves are so I end up with a strip of the new wallpaper instead of leaves. I copy the new wallpaper, delete the first leaf wallpaper and past in the new. That way I can resize and keep it a same size as before. You might have to use the "Bring to Front" or "Send to Back" Buttons to move the lemons to the front and the text. It takes a little playing around with to get the hang of it. I also resized the lemons to make them a little bigger. This recipe adds carrot juice instead of water in ingredients so I am going to go ahead and change it now. As well as add the name of the soap in the space. Here is what mine looks like now.

added all the wallpaper, edited and added soap name
It's OK if it hangs off the page a bit. Make sure it is exactly how you want it. I decided to change my name to dark green instead of blue. Now I am going to copy and paste the whole label 3 times. I go to Edit -> Select All then back to Edit -> Copy. Now Edit -> Paste and drag it next to the original label. Do this until you have 4 labels to a page. If you want thinner labels you can get more on a sheet. The wallpaper I chose for these labels has a wavy edge to them, my funky edging scissors will work good for these. If you have smooth edges on your labels, paste them closer so it only takes one cut to separate the labels, this will save you lots of time. I wrap them around the soap and use invisible tape to secure it. You can also use a glue stick but the tape is fast and hardly seen. Hope this gives you a start to making labels for your homemade soap!

4 labels to a page