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Soap Supplies

Before you craft your own soap, there are a number of soap supplies that you have to know about. Make sure that you prepare your soap supplies before you get into the art of making soap. If it’s your first time to make soap, you’ll have to stick to the rules and follow the instructions and soap supplies needed. As you become an expert in making soap, you can find alternatives based on your experience. Here are some of the common soap supplies that you will need along the way.

Some people are afraid to try this craft because of the fear of handling lye. Lye can burn you and can be lethal to kids and pets. So let’s begin with the soap supplies that you’ll need for keeping safe. Make sure to have rubber gloves, goggles to protect your eyes, and a mask or bandana tied around your face to keep you from inhaling the fumes. Take note, you’ll need these especially when mixing the lye and water. Also keep note to add the lye to the water and not the other way around. You also have to make sure to add little amount of lye one at a time. You’ll also need pitchers and spoons that you’ll never re-use for any other purpose. You’ll need these for mixing and pouring your mixture.

Now other soap supplies will also include dishpans, glass or enamel saucepan, double boiler, or crock pot in order to mix your soap mixture. You’ll also need lots of jars or glass tube or tin cans to put your soap into. You will also need plastic molds for molding your soap bars. A candy thermometer is also greatly needed in making soaps. You will also need plastic wrap as cover or wrapping your finished soaps. Having all these soap supplies will make your soap making experience a great one.