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Soap Rocks

Today, many kinds of soaps are being produced. Be it fragrant soaps, decorative soaps, organic soaps, oatmeal soaps, or soap rocks among many others, each have their own benefits and stories to tell. Read about these eight soap rocks you can choose from.

The Amber Citrine is one of the soap rocks that you should choose if you need an early boost. It gives you that startup in the morning and helps burnish your body at dusk. The Amber Citrine soap rock is a combination of citrine and amethyst. Citrine is a quartz crystal while amethyst is burnt slowly until it reaches a bright yellow or amber color. Now the Amethyst soap rock is known as a precious soap rock that you can give to someone you adore. Amethyst is the most prized of all the quartz because of its purple crystals. It is great in jewelry, ornaments, and precious objects of deep devotion.

The Aquamarine is both a gemstone and great soap rock. It has that lovely color like that of a Grecian sea. The name Aquamarine means sea water, and like its name, it will surely remind you of the beach. The Azurite Malachite and the Black Opal are great soap rocks that are made from mild glycerin based soaps. They mimic the smoothness and texture of the gemstones they are named after. There is also the Citrine soap rock just like the first soap rock mentioned above with the exception of Amethyst in it. The Citrine soap rock is also great as a booster in your morning shower.

The Fire Opal is a great soap rock that mimics that gemstone created in the volcanic terrain of Mexico. This multicolored soap features fiery colors that are great for hot showers and warm baths. Last but not the least, the Fire Geode is a soap rock inspired by nature. Again, it is made from very mild glycerin that will surely take care of your skin.