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Soap Dish

A soap dish is definitely a local item in the household. For sure, a typical home owner will find more than one soap dish in his or her home. In fact, some home owners who frequently change décor in their bathroom or kitchen will probably have a number of soap dishes just sitting in their storage. Let’s see what we can do about that soap dish you have wanted to replace or get rid of.

A soap dish is a soap dish. When you replace your soap dish in the bathroom, you may think it no longer has a purpose. However, you may still put it to good use. If you remove a soap dish from the bathroom, you may find that it can be the perfect holder for a lot of things. If you have that porcelain soap dish you wanted to replace, it may just be a great item to mount on your entryway. It can hold loose change, keys, or even stamps among other small necessities that can easily get misplaced. Mount two soap dishes to a wall to make a great piece.

Aside from key holders in your entry way, you can also make use of a soap dish as a bureau in the bedroom. It can hold rings and earrings. If it’s beside a fireplace, it can hold matches. There are so many other ways on how you can use your soap dish. Just make sure that it will fit nicely where you’re placing it. You can even buy a vintage soap dish that dates back to early twentieth century at flea markets to achieve that

Now, if you want to create something cool as a soap dish, another great idea is make use of beach finds. Remember the pretty shells that you brought home from your beach trip? You can use clams or scallop shells to hold bars of soap. You can also glue capiz shells to an old soap dish and have a new dazzling beach soap dish for your beach bathroom theme.