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Perfumed Bath Soaps

There are a lot of perfumed bath soaps that you can buy in the market today and the scents they come in include floral, fruity, musky and other such different perfume scents. There are also perfumed bath soaps that are made by high end brands and perfume manufacturers for their line of products. These perfumed bath soaps that some perfume manufacturers create are essentially made to complete a set of products that follow the scent layering techniques that a lot of women follow nowadays.

When you have a particular perfume or scent you love using but cannot do the layering technique of making yourself smell good because the scent you use does not come with perfumed bath soaps, you can actually try and make these soaps yourself to help you come up with the layered scent you want. Creating home made perfumed bath soaps by using the same scent that you are accustomed to, like your favorite perfume or your favorite cologne is easy with a little soap making basics.

You will need a few ingredients and utensils for creating your personal perfumed bath soaps and these include a pot for melting the lye in, bowls for mixing, lye, lard and distilled water. Of course, if creating your perfumed bath soaps from scratch may seem too tedious, you can actually infuse an unscented soap bar with the scent you want by simply grating the soap bar you have with the use of a conventional cheese grater, putting it in a pot and melting it down over your stove. You can then start adding your favorite perfume to the mix and then place it in a non-stick bowl to cool and reshape itself into the soap bar you can use. You can even add in a few personal touches like rose petals, moisturizing oils and even herbs while the soap is still in liquid form for a unique kind of soap.