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Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil is an useful fruit oil that is used in a number of different applications. The benefits of olive oil are countless and good olive oil soap will help users maintain good skin health.

A very popular long standing olive oil soap is Palmolive. The dish washing soap that we take for granted these days has a long strong history. It has been used since the early 1900’s to wash dishes but the thing that people like most about Palmolive dish soap is how gentle it is on hands.

Soap can be made out of a number of different oils or fats. However, the more health benefits that the fat or oil have, the better. That is why using olive oil to make soap is ideal. Olive oil is much better than a lot of the other fats that can be used because it has a high level of monosatutated fat. There are several different types of olive oil. Any of them can be used to make olive oil soap.

Olive oil is one of those natural wonders of the world. Most people are aware of its wonderful culinary applications but only a few are aware of the wonders of olive oil soap. With its well documented anti-oxidant qualities and its an ability to moisturize and renew skin olive oil soap is ideal. There is also speculation that it may also help to reduce the incidence of skin cancer which occurs are a rather low rate in the Mediterranean region.

Some dermatologists recommend olive oil soap for people that have very dry skin. It is known for its moisturizing qualities. Olive oil has long been used for a number of different things throughout the Mediterranean. Olive oil soap is one of the many products to come out of the region.