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Oatmeal Soap

Wonder how you can create your very own oatmeal soap? It’s very easy to make and in fact, you can even use your favorite soap with it. To create easy-to-make oatmeal soap, you will need a large bar of soap like one of the beauty bars, glycerin soaps, organic soaps, or commercially sold bar soaps in the market. Next, you will need about 4 tablespoons of ground up oatmeal. You’ll also need about 5 tablespoons of water and some decorative rope if you want to turn your oatmeal soap into soap on a rope.

First, grind your oatmeal in a food processor. You can also use a blender or hand chopper to make the oatmeal finely milled but not to appear like powder. You’ll need to retain that exfoliating-like substance so just make sure to chop enough so that the flakes or big pieces are chopped smaller. Now, it’s time to grate your bar soap. Grate the bar soap in a large microwaveable bowl. Add a few tablespoons of water and heat on high for about three minutes. Stir the mixture to remove air bubbles. When the soap has dissolved, add oatmeal gradually until you get the desired consistency as well as the proportion of your soap and oatmeal. Pour the mixture into a mold of your choice and let it cool for about one to two hours. You can use a bowl-shaped cup as mold. You can also use tin cans with both ends removed for round oatmeal soap. Once the soap is cool and dry, remove it from the mold and wrap in plastic wrap.

If you want to make it oatmeal soap on a rope, before allowing it to harden, put a knotted rope into the mold. To do that, fold the rope in two and knot the ends. Put the knotted end at the center of the mold with half of the soap mixture. Once centered, pour the remaining half of the soap mixture. Allow it to cool a bit and then remove it from the cup. Then with your hands, shape it into a ball making sure the rope stays in the center. Now, your oatmeal soap on a rope is ready!