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Natural Soaps

Many people have made a trip to their dermatologist’s office with complaints of dry or broken out skin. Though what most don’t realize is that the problem could be with the skin care routine! Many dermatologists will recommend switching to natural soaps to help moisturize and get skin back in shape.

The biggest benefit of using natural soaps is that they are incredibly moisturizing. Many contain special oils such as cocoa butter and shea butter that provide more moisture to the skin than drying, commercial soaps. Some may even contain food-based moisturizers like avocado oil and coconut oil! Since natural soaps don’t contain any synthetic chemicals, you can be sure that what you put on your skin is safe and all natural.

Natural soaps do not contain any harsh chemicals that could further dry out or break out your skin, so natural soaps are good for all skin types. Those with dry skin will appreciative the moisturizing properties, while individuals with oily skin will love how natural soaps keep their skin clean and clear. Dermatologists often suggest that people with trouble skin try using natural soaps to see if their conditions clear up.

Because our skin absorbs most of whatever it comes in contact with, using commercial soaps with drying chemicals will only dry out our skin. They often contain detergents that strip the natural moisture from our skin, which leads to even more redness and dryness. Natural soaps use natural ingredients, so not only will they clean your skin, but they will also keep it moisturized, eliminating the need for moisturizing lotions or creams. Switching to natural soaps is not only a smart option but an economical one as well.

In today’s culture, we are becoming increasingly aware of the processed and chemically altered products we use or food we eat. By using natural soaps and products, we can be confident that we are using the safest, most effective materials possible. Using natural products means staying healthy!