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Natural Soaps

When bathing and caring for the body it makes sense to use products that are close to nature. Using natural soap is a great way to stay in touch with the pure sources that are at work in our bodies.

Natural soap is the healthy way to go. The earth is full of ingredients that will soothe the skin and keep it fresh and soft. Natural soap is a great way to find cleaning products that smell wonderful.

Depending on the types of natural soap you choose, you could be treating your skin to a plethora of antioxidants. Refresh and renew with scents pulled directly from nature. Soak in the smell of organic coconut. If scents are not your thing go for one of the unscented soaps.

Natural soap is made out of three very simple ingredients. Water, lye and fat are the three components that make up natural soap. The finished product is largely based on the type of ingredients that are used.

Natural soap that is made by hand retains the natural properties of soap. Glycerine, a natural product of soap is typically taken out in commercial soap making. Finding soaps that have been made with high quality vegetable oils and butters is a good idea. They will be the ones that make the best soaps.

A few of the ingredients that can be used to make high quality natural soap include olive oil, mango butter and shea butter but those are not the only ones that can be used. Any fat can be used to make soap but it is best to go with fats that have positive qualities to them. Using lard for soap making is possible but the soap will not be as pleasing to the skin as it could be if a better fat was used. Use the best ingredients to create the best soap possible.