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Natural Liquid Soap

Let’s begin learning how to create natural liquid soap. It’s a new challenge for you as making natural liquid soap is more complicated. Once you learn how to make your own natural liquid soap, you can pair it with your own bar soaps as gifts for the special people in your holiday shopping list.

You’ll need the following ingredients to make your natural liquid soap:
16.5 oz. Sunflower Oil
7 oz. Coconut Oil
5.5 oz. Potassium Hydroxide KOH
16.5 oz. Distilled Water for Lye Mixture
40 oz. Distilled Water for soap paste dilution
Either 2 oz. of boric acid or 3 oz. of borax mixed into 10 or 6 oz. of water
Approx. 3 oz. Fragrance or Essential oil, optional
Soap dye or colorant, optional

First, put your oils in the crock pot and set on low. Let it heat until temperature reaches 160 degrees F. As the oils heat up, mix the lye and water. When this mixture is clear, slowly blend it to the oils being heated. Stir. Once mixed together, begin beating it with a stick blender. Keep blending. Now, cover the pot and let it stand for about 20 minutes. Keep stirring and cooking until you get it to a virtual Vaseline kind of state. When you get to translucent stage, add two ounces of boiling water and an ounce of soap paste. Stir the mixture and let the paste dissolve in the water. Then, let it settle.

Boil distilled water, add to the soap paste and stir. Turn off the heat in the crock pot and cover. After an hour, stir again. Cover and let it sit overnight. When the soap paste has completely dissolved, turn the crock pot on and bring it up to 180 degrees. In another container, mix your neutralizing solution. Make sure to let the mixture stay hot. Now, add about ¾ oz of the neutralizer for every pound of the soap paste. Stir well. While it’s hot, add the fragrance and color of your choice. Let it cool then put into bottles or jars. Let it cool and rest. Now, your natural liquid soap is ready to use!