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Natural Baby Soap

No one needs the extensive list of chemicals that are put into some soap. Babies especially should be shielded from soaps that are full of harsh chemicals. Natural baby soap is a good alternative to the soaps that are full of unnecessary chemicals.

Natural baby soap generally has just a few basic ingredients in it. These soaps will have water, oil and glycerine. All of these ingredients are natural. However, the term natural does not always mean natural.

Some of the things that nature gives us are not desirable in baby soap. That is why it is very important to read the label of the baby soap that you buy. Do not take the manufacturers’ word that natural baby soap is really natural.

Whenever the label reads natural it is a good idea to read further. The reason why is because many times natural means one thing to manufacturers, and another thing to consumers. There are some rules and regulations about what can have a “natural" label and what can not but those guidelines are often not as stringent as we think.

The reason why natural skin care is a better way to go is because our skin absorbs toxins. That means that when we are using that really cheap bar of soap on our skin, our bodies is absorbing the toxins. However, because we are not ingesting skin care products manufacturers can put things in soaps that would never be allowed in food because they are toxic. This seems like a failure in standards because if we are putting something on our skin, our skin technically will ingest it.

Beware of soaps that have information on their labels that say that they have shea butter or some other oil or natural ingredient that was derived from a chemical. That means that the chemical is still in the soap. However, the soap can still stick the natural label on the soap.