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Lye Soap

Lye soap has been around for many centuries. It is still included in homemade recipes for soap throughout the world. The question of whether or to it is okay to wash with lye soap is valid but the answer can be different for different people.

Lye is a combination of hard wood ashes that is caustic. It is a valuable component of soap making but it is also used in biodiesel fuel processing. Lye is also used in some food preparations such as table olives, with so many different versatile uses one can not help but wonder how safe lye is and why can it be used in so many different applications.

Well, the truth about lye is that it is safe but it is harsh. It is a chemical and is made up of sodium hydroxide and it must be used with caution. Lye soap has been a part of society for a very long time and it is still safe to use lye to make soap.

If you find a recipe for lye soap you can make it without fear that you are making a dangerous soap. However, you must use extreme care when making lye soap. Water should never be poured into lye and lye should be stored in a place where children and pets will never be.

Another great thing about lye soap is that it is simple to make and it will not stir up allergies. No to mention, lye soap can give you a taste of the good old days when people used the simplest of ingredients to make the things that they needed. A lye solution can be made from the wood ash and many people used to even create their own lye.

If you are looking for a great soap for clothing go with hard lye soap. You will be amazed at how clean the wash comes. Soft lye soap is great for those with complexion problems. Keep things simple with some that has nothing but lard, water and lye in it. See how much better you skin becomes.