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Liquid Soap Dispensers

Liquid soap dispensers, as the name implies, are dispensers of liquid soap, commonly seen in public wash rooms or restrooms. If you have liquid soaps in your bathroom with a squirt top that you press, then it is one of the liquid soap dispensers. Liquid soap dispensers were made to provide small or single-use quantities of liquid soap. It helps you avoid those little accidents of pouring too much liquid soap on your hands or accidentally pouring it into the sink. Liquid soap dispensers can be operated either manually or automatic. Let’s discuss these types of liquid soap dispensers in more detail.

The manual soap dispensers can cater not only to liquid soap but to soaps in other forms such as powder and foam. In fact, the manual soap dispensers are designed for what kind of soaps it will be used for. The liquid soap dispensers are those having a pump. The liquid soap dispensers are the most common manual soap dispenser. They usually come in plastic pump bottles which are disposable. It was in the year 1865 that the William Shepphard patented liquid soap. But it was the Minnetonka Corporation who produced the first modern liquid soap, that is, in liquid soap dispensers. They have monopolized the market by sweeping all the supply of plastic pumps that can be used for liquid soap dispensers.

Other manual soap dispensers such as that used for powdered soaps usually come in a metal box. It includes a weighted lever that you press to release a handful of powdered soap. Then there’s also the manual soap dispenser for foam soaps. It is similar to liquid soap dispensers having a pump with a large button to release the foam or a lever pulled forward to squeeze the foam. Today, liquid soap dispensers are high-tech too. There are the automatic soap dispensers that are hands-free. They have sensors that will release the soap when you put your hand under the nozzle. It is becoming popular especially in the upscale restaurants and hotels all over the globe.