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Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid hand soap is a good idea. When company comes over it is always nice to have a pump of liquid hand soap available so they do not have to use your private bar soap. Although it is not a big deal for others to use the bar of soap you use in the shower, it is undesirable for most people. Liquid hand soap can alleviate this issue.

However, with that said, a lot of the liquid hand soap that is on the market these days is anti-bacterial. Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap seems like a good idea at first glance but in the long run, its not.

The thing that makes anti-bacterial soap bad is that it kills all of the bacterial on our hands. Ever notice that almost too clean feel that anti-bacteria soap leaves behind? That dry, crisp feeling that is a step beyond clean, somewhere in the neighborhood of stripped? This is not good because a certain amount of “good" bacteria is should be present. Without the good bacteria to keep the bad bacteria in check, illnesses occur.

If you are going to use liquid hand soap, go for brands that are not anti-bacterial. Having clean hands is one thing. Taking all of the bacteria, good and bad off of your hands is a different story. Settle for clean not stripped hands. Keep your family and friends safe by getting soap that does not have the dreaded anti-bacterial stamp on it.

Find liquid hand soap that is scented or unscented or one that has moisturizers added to them. Look for soaps that have the scents and the herbal extracts that you enjoy in them. Choose hand soaps that are desirable but do not get the ones that will strip your hands of the natural defenses that you have.