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Laundry Soap

Ever heard of high efficient laundry soap? You’ve probably heard about high efficient washers and dryers but high efficient laundry soap may come as a surprise. A lot of homeowners are now switching to high efficient washing machines and dryers but a lot of them are also not aware of the fact that there is the high efficient laundry soap or detergent recommended by manufacturers of their high efficient washing machines. In fact most manufacturers will even recommend a certain brand of high efficient laundry soap to go with it. So is there really a difference if you use ordinary laundry soap? Let’s find out below.

There is a reason why manufacturers tell you to use such high efficient laundry soap together with their washers. The high efficient laundry soap is especially formulated for these new front load washers. The high efficient laundry soap is concentrated meaning it is low-sudsing. It is perfect for those low water washers that we have today. If you will use ordinary laundry soap in these high efficiency washers, it can cause delays. Too much suds found in regular laundry soap will confuse the sensors and will result to more rinsing for the washers. The same thing happens when you use dish detergent in a dishwasher. Performance is greatly affected and thus defeats the purpose of having a high efficiency washer.

Don’t fret because high efficiency laundry soap is available almost anywhere you can find regular laundry soap. Just make sure to look out for the HE symbol on your next shopping trip to the supermarket. This high efficiency laundry soap come in various types as well so you don’t have to worry about finding the right scent for your clothing. Of course, using high efficiency laundry soap will also help you save a pretty penny or two!