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How to Make Soap

Finding out how to make soap is not difficult. With a few trial and error runs you will know how to make soap from scratch.

First you will need to gather the ingredients. Lye, water and some type of fat is all that you really need. The type of fat that is used depends on the type of soap that is being made. There are some fats that will produce harder soaps and some that will lather more than others. For example, if you want a nice lather, go for coconut oil.

Next you will need to gather the utensils. Lye is a powerful chemical. It is a good idea to have goggles and gloves when you are working with it. A wooden spoon and glass or plastic bowl will also be needed.

Depending on how fast you want the soap done, there are ways to make soap in blenders or by letting it set in a bowl. When deciding on how to make soap, take in account the type of soap you want.

How to make soap with a strong lather does not depend on the way that it is made as much as the oil that is used. Doing some research on the different soaps that are made from various fats can be helpful.

The easiest method of how to make soap is to start with water and lye. Never, ever pour water into lye. This can cause a dangerous reaction that can cause serious harm to humans. Instead, add lye crystals to a bowl of water that is about 0.38 ratio to the lye.

Next you will need to heat up the fat that you are using. Remember that any fat can be used but all of them will require different heating times. Once the fat has been heated to the melting point it is ready to be added to the water and lye.

Once the fat is ready, take the lye water and gently add it to the fat. Stir it in with the spoon and allow it to set. The best way to tell whether or not the soap is ready is to look at the dropping that slide down the edge of the spoon. When a difference in texture is noticed, the soap is ready.

How to make soap has been a question that people have been figuring out since prehistoric times. Once you have made soap a few times you too will be in on the secret of how to make soap.