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Fine soaps hand crafted in small batches

Handmade Soap

Handmade soap presents a great opportunity for people to get soaps that are made out of natural ingredients and sculpted by hand. Whether you make your own handmade soap or if you buy it from someone else, you will notice the difference.

With all of the soaps on the market one might wonder why anyone would use handmade soap. The slow process of making handmade soap is something that has been a part of the human culture for many centuries.

Handmade soap creates a soothing creamy lather of some of nature’s finest ingredients. Search for handmade soap that has the characters that you desire. Look for aromatherapy soaps or soaps that are odorless. Find the best soap for daily use or occasional exfoliation.

Handmade soap presents and opportunity to find soaps that have been created in a cruelty free realm. Use soaps are made of such gentle ingredients that they do not have to be tested on animals. Choose soaps that are good for your skin and the rest of the planet.

Handmade soap retains natural glycerin, a byproduct of the soap making phase that is taken out of commercial soap. Glycerin will allow you to use pretty colors and add cute objects to the soap but other than that it is not very useful. If you want the glycerin out of the soap, do not make melt and pour soaps.

There are plenty of places that sell handmade soap. However the process is pretty simple and it can be fun to make it yourself. Try making handmade soap with friends. Get a good recipe and add in the ingredients that you want. Many people like to put green tea extract or shea butter in their handmade soap. Have fun making and using soap that is made by hand. Experience handmade soap and you will never want to go back to store bought bars.