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Goats Milk Soap

One of the best moisturizing soaps is goats milk soap. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient that keeps skin soft and nourished. That’s why people began creating goat’s milk soap. It was especially formulated for those who are suffering from dry skin, acne, or eczema. It helps in moisturizing and soothing skin. In fact, it is better than cow’s milk in terms of beta-caseins which are used for the quick hydration of dry skin. It contains triglycerides, capric, caprylic, and caproic acid that maintain the skins natural pH level. So if you are experiencing dryness, make sure to use goat’s milk soap to quickly and effectively moisturize your skin!

Now, goat’s milk soap is made through various methods. Some goat’s milk soap is made with fresh goat’s milk. Other goat’s milk soap is made from powdered goat’s milk and there are those made from canned or evaporated goat’s milk. Let’s go over each type very briefly.

When using fresh goat’s milk to create goat’s milk soap, the main problem is that it reacts differently to heat. The goat’s milk in place of water in the lye solution caramelizes when the lye heats up. It then turns into a bright orange color which some people do not like. Most people would prefer white goat’s milk soap. So in order to achieve it, there are additional steps to go through. The best way to avoid the orange color is to keep the lye solution cool as you mix it with the goat’s milk. First, put your lye in a pitcher in a large bowl with ice water. As for the goat’s milk, put it in ice cube trays and freeze until it reaches that slushy consistency. Then, mix it with the lye solution in the pitcher. Stir until it becomes slushy. Then continue the process as you would with any other normal soap. Same goes for canned or evaporated goat’s milk.