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Goats Milk Soap Acne

Some people say that goat’s milk soap acne reliever is great for those suffering from acne. Instead of buying goats milk soap acne reliever from the market, why not make one for yourself right at the convenience of your home? Below is a quick recipe on how to make a goat’s milk soap acne reliever.

Let’s start making goat’s milk soap acne reliever by preparing the ingredients. Prepare seven ounces of goat’s milk and seven ounces of water. Prepare 14.4 ounces of lye, 25 ounces of coconut oil and 25 ounces of palm oil, 42 ounces of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of lavender essential oil, and lastly 4 ounces of castor oil.

First heat all the oils, except lavender oil to temperature. Add the lye and stir it for about ten minutes with a hand blender. Next, blend in the lavender essential oil. Now, you’re ready to pour the mixture into lined soap molds. Cover it until it becomes gel in form. Now uncover to cool the soap. After 24 hours, unmold the bar and cut into smaller soap bars. Now, cure the soap bar in cold goat’s milk for about one month. After a month, you can have your goat’s milk soap acne reliever!

This recipe yields about six pounds of goat’s milk soap. There are many other ways to create goat’s milk soap. Many other recipes can be found through various soap makers. Goat’s milk soap is recommended for those who have very sensitive skin. It’s great for those who have skin problems such as acne and eczema. So if you are having the same problems, it’s time that you make your own goat’s milk soap. However, if you find that making goat’s milk soap acne reliever is too time consuming, you may go to the stores to get one, if it’s available.