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Glycerin Soap

With so many different soaps on the market it can be difficult to figure out which ones are best. Glycerin soap is one of the oldest soaps. It is made through the simple melt and pour method.

Glycerin is a product of the fat or oil that is used in making the soap. When the fat or oil is rendered with the lye and water, glycerin is produced.

Glycerin is typically added to soap and other products, such as lotion in which moisturizing is important.

People that make melt and pour soap at home are creating Glycerin soap. It is important to not heat glycerin soap to a temperature over 140 degrees. If the soap gets too hot it will get a yellowish color and alcohol will needed to be added to bring the moisture back.

Glycerin soap is good for people that have sensitive skin. It is such a good moisturizer that manufacturers have found a way to make money off of the glycerin by using it in other products.

Glycerin is a by-product of soap making that is taken out of most commercial soaps. However, there are some glycerin soaps on the market.

Glycerin soap is typically mixed with alcohol to get the desired clearness. Alcohol is not the most desirable product to have in a soap because it can dehydrate the skin.

Glycerin soap is typically made with the melt and pour method. It can be made at home or purchased from manufacturers. Many people make glycerin soap because it can be colored and turned into a decorative piece. However, generally the soaps that are very festive are the ones that have alcohol added to them.

Stick with natural colored glycerin soap s. These are the ones that provide the most benefits because they do not have the extra additives.