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Fragrant Soaps

Most fragrant soaps usually come from plant-based essential oils. Other fragrant soaps get their scents from synthetic fragrance oils, animal-based scents, and other various components. It’s best to use plant-based oils for a natural soap because synthetic fragrance oils could be harsh. Fragrant soaps made from such plant-based essential oils are environmentally friendly among the other types of oils used.

What’s great about the natural plant-based essential oils is that it has that more rounded fragrance as compared to the others. At the same time, most of the fragrant soaps made from real plant-based oils have that healing or therapeutic value that cannot be equaled by other kinds of fragrant soaps. However, for some of the other great smells you’ll find in fragrant soaps, chemists have been able to create synthetic oils to achieve them. In fact, most of the berry and fruity scents except for the citrus scent come from synthetic fragrance oils. Some of the common scents you’ll find in fragrant soaps include Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Springtime, Tea Tree Oil & Herb, Windsor Spice, Orange Spice, Vanilla, French Green Clay, Patchouli, Mint, Cherry Almond, Rose, Lilac, Honeysuckle, Blackberry, and Berry Wine.

Fragrant soaps have become common gifts during the holidays or as giveaways during special occasions. In fact, fragrance soaps are also great crafts that you can make at home on your own. The complexity of making your own fragrant soaps range from easy to difficult depending on how you want to do your soap project. There are those that make their fragrant soaps from scratch, while there are those who simply buy plain glycerin soaps that they simply melt and add the essential oils and other ingredients to achieve the desired result. You can add, color, texture, and shape them into different molds. As such, it makes it a fun project that’s great for gifts or for personal use. So the next time that you are having a dilemma of what to give your family and friends, fragrant soaps may come in handy.