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Car Wash Soap

Cleaning your own car shouldn’t be taken as a burden. With the right car wash soap and gentle cleaning tools, you’ll sure to protect the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. At the same time, the more often you wash your car, the easier it gets because you don’t have to let the grime sit and dirt harden. Summer is a great time to clean up all the grime your car caught during the winter season. It’s time to learn how to clean your car like a pro with the right car wash soap for your vehicle!

Of course, there’s always the option of having your car cleaned by professionals. But it is also an expense that you can do without. To begin, prepare your water hose and some soft cloth preferably a wash mitt or terry tower. Of course, don’t forget your car wash soap. Never use just any kind of soap. Car wash soap is very different from dishwashing soaps or household cleaners. Although these other cleaning agents can clean, they will damage your paint as well. It will strip wax off your car unlike car wash soap that’s very delicate. Car wash soap is like the baby soaps of cars.

As much as possible clean your car under a shade so as not to let the liquid dry faster than anticipated. Car care professionals recommend washing cars from top to bottom. First, rinse the car with water. This is to for removing loose dirt. Now, start washing and rinsing with your car wash soap one part of the car at a time. Remember to rub lightly so that excess dirt won’t scratch your paint. Rinse your sponge often so it doesn’t accumulate dirt that can scratch the paint. If you live in a climate where sand and salt is common, be sure to rinse inside the wheel wells and fenders too. Once you’re done with the final rinse, use a soft terry cloth or chamois to dry the car.