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Bars of Soap

Bars of soap are the traditional means of creating soap. While there are many different ways to make soap, bars of soap tend to be the most common way that it is produced. The reasons are obvious. It is easy to use bars of soap when washing because they are easy to handle. No need to stop cleaning to squirt more soap into your hand or anything like that. Bars of soap are simple to use and provide a great clean.

From the beginning, soap was a mixture of ingredients. Sodium potassium salts and fatty acids where mixed together and they went through soaponification. Soaponification is a process in which the ingredients react with one another and create glycerol. Having bars of soap has been something that people have wanted for a very long time. The reasons were simple. Bars of soap as extremely easy for people to use and people could use the bars for a number of different applications.

Bars of soap are available in a number of different forms. Some people prefer to buy bars of soap from the stores while others find natural and organic soaps to buy. The type of bars of soap that are used are up to the user. Some people have sensitive skin so they opt for bars of soap that do not have a lot of chemicals or coloring.

Basic lye soap can still be purchased and used. People can also easily make bars of soap with a few simple ingredients. Pretty much, all you need to make soap is some type of fat or oil, water and lye. These simple ingredients will produce bars of soap that can be used for both clothes washing and body washing. Spend an afternoon with the family making bars of soap and see how much fun it can be.