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Bar Soap

There are plenty of different options for soap but bar soap is still a great choice. Soap in bars is the way that people have been making soap for a very long time. The bars are historically shaped in a rectangular shape. Some bars are shaped differently these days but the standard rectangle is still going strong.

Bar soap is very useful. While liquid soap is nice to have around for hand washing, bar soap is best for the entire body. Liquid soap is difficult to use when in the shower because users often need several squirts of it. By the time enough liquid soap is obtained the shower has often exceeded the length of as regular shower.

Bar soap tends to last longer than other soap because we use it directly on the skin. Once you run a bar of soap over the skin and add water, lather occurs. This is how we know that we have used enough soap. With liquid soap, we are apt to use more soap.

Bar soap was once the only option when it came to cleansing material. People used to use lye bar soap to wash their clothing on a washboard. Even though most people do not use this method to clean their clothes anymore, lye bar soap is an excellent option for cloth washing.

Bar soap is also very transportable. Although it is nice to have a container to carry it in, technically, when the bar is dry, you can take it with you without a container. This makes bar soap much more portable than liquid soap which can be spilled.

Bar soap is the historical way that soap was made but there are plenty of different shapes to choose from now. When making soap people often get fun soap molds to create different shapes of soap.